Al Qareem Agency South Korea Job Vacancies

South Korea Job Vacancies

South Korea Job Vacancies A job description is a written statement of the key qualifications, responsibilities, and abilities needed to successfully perform a particular task. To be utilized in performance reviews, a thorough job description will go into how success in the position is determined.
Other names for job descriptions include job specs, job profiles, JDs, and position descriptions (job PD).

The majority of roles are covered by the sample job descriptions in our job description directory. You can instantly download job description samples from our site and change them to fit your own company’s needs. For the majority of typical jobs, you’ll find a job description.

The job market in South Korea has recently been less than optimal for native Koreans. Despite having the fourth-largest economy in Asia, South Korea struggles to fill the few open positions with a workforce that is increasingly overqualified. In Korea, as in many Asian nations, people often start a job and work for the same business until they retire. Koreans today are finding it difficult to break into the market at all and are instead looking overseas for chances in countries like the US, China, and Japan, all of which are close by.

As opposed to Korean citizens, foreigners will obtain employment in South Korea a little bit more easily. This is largely due to the fact that as the nation’s reputation abroad grows, so do the number of foreign businesses and connections it has. Foreigners are welcomed on the employment market for both their contributions to and improvements of these relations as well as the demand for non-Korean language speakers. However, if an expat can show some proficiency in the Korean language, it will increase their chances of getting hired.


Al-Qareem Agency (Pvt) Ltd

143 Grandpass Road, 14, Colombo, Sri Lanka
+94 11 233 3026

Vacancy at South Korea – Al Qareem Agency (Pvt) Ltd


  • Welder
  • Painter
  • Electronic Engineering Technician
  • Plant Worker


Closing Date: 2022-09-05

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