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The job of an Assistant Store Keeper typically involves assisting the Store Keeper with the daily operations of the store or warehouse. The Assistant Store Keeper is responsible for receiving, storing, and issuing goods, supplies, and equipment. They work closely with the Store Keeper to maintain inventory accuracy, track stock levels, and ensure that all stock is organized and easily accessible.


Some of the key duties and responsibilities of an Assistant Store Keeper may include:

  1. Receiving and inspecting incoming goods, supplies, and equipment
  2. Unpacking and shelving merchandise or supplies
  3. Updating inventory records and maintaining accurate stock levels
  4. Assisting in the preparation of orders and requisitions
  5. Operating forklifts or other equipment to move heavy or bulky items
  6. Maintaining a clean and organized store or warehouse environment
  7. Responding to customer inquiries and requests for assistance
  8. Assisting with the periodic physical inventory checks
  9. Identifying and reporting any damaged or defective items
  10. Performing other duties as assigned by the Store Keeper or Supervisor

To be successful in this role, an Assistant Store Keeper should have good organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work well in a team. They should also have basic computer skills and be able to use inventory management software to track stock levels and generate reports. Additionally, physical stamina and the ability to lift and move heavy items may be required.

Applications are invited for the following job vacancies at Lake House

  • Assistant Store Keeper
Closing Date: 2023-04-02
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