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call centre executive

Call center exectives are undergoing a workplace transformation as more companies invest in flexible contact center solutions. In this article, we’ll go over the ins and outs of a modern call center, as well as what call center agents do.

What exactly is a call center?
A call center is a contact center for telecommunications that handles both inbound and outbound calls. Traditionally, call centers were large offices staffed by call center agents who handled incoming calls and outgoing customer communications.

How does a call center operate?

Call centers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each works slightly differently and requires different technological infrastructure to function properly.

1. The in-house call center
Dedicated teams of permanent agents are mobilized for in-house operations to make and receive calls on integrated infrastructure. Businesses can ensure high-quality communication, integrated resources, and critical insights.


2. The outsourced call center
Some companies will outsource their contact center workflows to a third party. These third-party companies employ agents to handle customer service for a variety of businesses and organizations.

3. The virtual call center
Virtual call centers are becoming more popular. They hire remote workers who use a desktop or laptop computer. This is possible because of significant advances in cloud-based computing.

Call center agents’ roles and responsibilities
As the company’s front line, inbound and outbound call center agents communicate with existing and prospective customers. It is their responsibility to provide excellent customer service or to implement effective upselling strategies across multiple channels.

In general, inbound agents are reactive (they deal with incoming customer queries). Outbound representatives are more proactive (they target new customers, leads, and generate data for their company).

Both types of representatives are responsible for a wide range of tasks. Let us examine the primary roles and responsibilities of inbound and outbound agents.

Applications are invited for the  job vacancy at  Vogue Real Estate (Pvt) Ltd

  • Call Centre Executive (Female) Job Vacancy
Closing Date: 2022-12-19
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