Gulf Time – Qatar Job Vacancy 2022

Gulf Time - Qatar Job

Gulf Time – Qatar Job

Gulf Time – Qatar Job The Gulf Publishing & Printing Company was founded in 1978 by a group of honorable residents of this great nation, who were motivated by a sense of patriotism. By making that decision, Qatar’s literary community was revitalized and two excellent publications were launched. The Company and its publications serve as a tangible representation of the values and ideals of our nation and its culture, which have their roots in the Gulf and the Arab world.

It is accurate to say that our company is a pillar of Qatar’s news industry. Reflecting both internal and global developments has always been a priority. Truth and accuracy have always been our guiding principles. We have invited discussion in our columns and provided excellent journalism and insightful information. Our publications, which cover the arts, literature, politics, and finance, are seen as providing a stream of knowledge. They serve as a hub for culture and thinking, we hope. We continue to work creatively to serve the nation and its people, pushing ourselves to new heights while doing it responsibly, fairly, evenly, and honestly.

The faith that our readers have placed in us enriches our work, and we hereby promise to remain dedicated to the journalistic and technical advancement of our publications. The readers of ARRAYAH and GULF TIMES, two of the Gulf Publishing and Printing Company’s sister newspapers, are important to the company and it wants to keep and grow their support.


The founding members got together on January 19th, 1978 to talk about their incredible
Following the decisions reached about the media project:
Gulf Publishing & Printing Company (WLL) is the name of the business.
preparing the firm’s joint venture project, approving the interior system, and creating the company skeleton.
The members decided that the proposed newspaper and the company’s temporary headquarters would be located in the Khalifa Al-Rabban building on Gulf Street. Plans were made to outfit offices with the appropriate tools.

Vacancy at Qatar NOC

  • All Jobs Update on Gulf Time

Job Update Date : 2022.08.16

Closing Date : New Intake

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