Job Vacancy at Duty Free Showroom in Katunayake

Job Vacancy at Duty Free Showroom in Katunayake

Job Vacancy at Duty Free Showroom in Katunayake We require a competitive and dependable sales executive in order to enhance our business operations.

The responsibilities of the sales executive include identifying and chasing new sales prospects, closing transactions, and maintaining customer satisfaction. If you’re a fantastic communicator and at comfortable reaching out to potential customers via phone and email to discuss our services and products, we’d want to meet you.

In the end, you’ll assist us in exceeding business objectives and assisting in the quick and steady expansion of our organization.

What does a sales executive do?

A sales executive makes sure that all conditions are met for the business to be profitable. They oversee departments that offer goods and services, such retail stores, to help firms generate revenue through sales. Because getting things set up properly is more vital than necessary meeting with consumers, their duties are more strongly oriented on management than purchasing and selling.


To join our sales team, we’re seeking for a motivated sales executive. Generating leads, conducting sales calls, regularly updating our CRM information, and hitting sales goals are all duties of the sales executive.

You must be a motivated self-starter with the ability to generate sales growth if you want to succeed as a sales professional. In the end, a top-tier sales representative should be able to establish connections with clients and close deals.

Sales executive interview questions:
1. What background do you have in lead generation and sales closing?

reveals the candidate’s employment history.
2. How do you persuade hesitant buyers to make a purchase?

demonstrates the candidate’s capacity for persuasion in both communication and sales.
3. What sales tactics have you discovered to be the most successful?

demonstrates the candidate’s background in creating and implementing effective sales tactics.
4. How do you handle unhappy or irate clients?

Vacancy at Immense Group of Company Pvt Ltd – Kattunayke

  • Sales Executives

Closing Date: 2022-08-04

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