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FamiSafe is the most dependable screen time and location tracker parental control app, with features like monitoring children’s screen time and location, checking Tik Tok history, activity reports, website filtering, blocking games and porn, and spotting suspicious texts and photos on social media sites like WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. With the most recent FamiSafe 6.0 Version, family fun and online safety are guaranteed!

FREE Test for the latest version🎉
After registration, you can keep using FamiSafe screentime control for three days, 100% FREE of charge. All the functions like screen time control, YouTube history check, activity report, sensitive words block and so on.

Why ought you to select FamiSafe?
Numerous associations and organizations have acknowledged and trusted you
Winner of the 2021 Family Choice Award. a prize from the Family Choice Awards.
The Best New Tech Product for Kids in 2021. given a Loved By Parents Award honor.
The greatest product for families. Mom’s Choice Award recipient; 2020 NAPPA winner. National Parenting Product AWARDS presented.
Awarded the Seal of Approval. The National Parenting Center presented this award.
The 2021 MFM Award winners. a Made For Mums award.

Hottest Features Screen Time Control -Track and schedule children’s screen time -Use screen time control to remotely block or permit usage

Phone Activity Report -View what apps children install or uninstall -Remotely monitor phone activities like those on YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Show pornographic content that has been found on a child’s device using the explicit content detection feature. You can also customize the keywords that cause the detection.

Track how much time children spend on TikTok by viewing their TikTok history and their TikTok history.


GPS phone tracker and location tracking app
To assure their safety, find where they are right now. To view their location history, use a timeline.
-Create a safe zone for monitoring children and receive alerts when they leave the designated area.
-Family search, discover pals, find phones, and create a family link

Use of app/game blockers
-Block or limit use of some offensive applications -Send an immediate alert when kids attempt to access restricted games or apps
– Monitor YouTube kids

Website Filter and Internet History -Track children’s browsing history -Protect youngsters from porn, gambling, and other harmful websites

How to use FamiSafe – Parental Control App & Location Tracker to track screen time, locate my children, make a family connection for the parents, and block apps, games, and porn?
1. Install the target device with the FamiSafe phone screen time tracking app;
2. create an account for the FamiSafe parental control software for screen time;
3. Implement parental control, find my children, and start screen time!

We recommend Ourpact Jr., Qustodio-parental control, Microsoft Family Safety, and Google Family Link for Children as parental control apps and phone trackers. Child Safe Kit, Minspy, Spyera, ParentsKit, Kidslox, Wispy, XNSpy, and Life-360 are some examples of monitoring software for children.




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