Sales Representative Job Vacancies at Celltronics


ACelltronics Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading electronics distributors in Sri Lanka that has grown from strength to strength since its establishment.
Incorporated in 2003, the company started with humble beginnings but with sound knowledge on the mobile phone sphere and strong leadership skills, Celltronics today is recognized as a strong competitor in the electronics market, having started with offering mobile phones, and later accessories.
Celltronics is a licensed importer and distributor of electronics and has a plethora of offerings in its portfolio.
While in its product range are top brands, Celltronics keeps abreast with new technological developments and strives to introduce the same to the local market at its earliest.
With the objective of making technology accessible to as many as possible, Celltronics makes available its products at affordable rates, ensuring a greater proportion of the population can reap the benefits of the latest technology available.
A key priority for Celltronics is the affordability factor, and the same is achieved without compromising quality. All imported products are of the highest standard.
To ensure its business is in line with the current times, Celltronics continues to invest time and resources to conceptualize ways in which it can provide the very best, latest technology, for the right price.


Applications are invited for the following job vacancies

    • Sales Representative
Closing Date: 2023-02-08
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