Swan Global at Qatar Residing Job Vacancies

civil draftsman jobs in qatar 2022

civil draftsman jobs in qatar 2022

civil draftsman jobs in qatar 2022 SWAN, a people staffing & talent solutions company founded in 2014, is one of Qatar’s biggest and fastest-growing businesses.
Swan brings the experience to the table reasonably gifted representatives who can move your organization to more prominent levels as a forerunner in staffing and work force the board arrangements in Qatar.

Swan is your accomplice, empowering you to focus on essential targets while we handle the tedious authoritative cycles engaged with employing and enrollment. In about four to six weeks, The Swan Team ensures that eligible applicants are hired or placed on staff.

The majority of civil drafters has an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in drawing, engineering technology, civil technology, or a related field of study. Candidates with AutoCAD certification or experience utilizing programs like Microstation are in high demand among businesses. Employers anticipate that civil drafters will be at ease with software design and use. On-the-job training is additionally provided to ensure that civil drafters are familiar with corporate policies.


The average yearly wage for civil drafters, often known as “Drafters,” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $53,000. Less than $33,000 is earned by people in the lowest ten percent of the field, while more than $83,000 is earned by those in the best ten percent.

The employment growth for this career is predicted to increase by 7% over the next ten years, but it differs by industry. Most employment growth for civil drafters is anticipated in sectors like engineering services and construction. There is less demand for drafters because so many architects and engineers are familiar with computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling.

Civil drafters undertake field surveys and offer precise, trustworthy data for use in design activities to assist engineers. They go to the site areas and observe both the natural and man-made elements.

Vacancy at Swan Global of  Residing in Qatar

  • Civil Draftsman
  • Fire Alarm Technician

Closing Date : Valid till New Intake

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