US Lottery Visa 2024 English Details


US Lottery Visa Application Procedure

Open Now ( from Oct 5, 2022)

End date: Nov 8, 2022 at 12 noon EST


Sri Lankan can apply

All those who have passed GCE A/L can apply

1. Employment or Educational Qualification: 12th standard (G.C.E A/L) passed or equivalent


Must have done at least two years in a Professional Occupation requiring two years of apprenticeship in the last five years. What is the basic experience required for your occupation? Go to the website below and search for your job to find out what education/training is required.

2. Submitting more than one application will disqualify you from applying

3. You will lose money by sending your online applications to fake agency sites and fraudulent emails. The following link is the correct link.

Apply in It is difficult to open it in some browsers. So update your browsers

4. There is no fee to apply through this link. Totally free

5. Fill the application carefully. To start filling, take necessary details, passport, photograph, children’s wife’s details.

Pay attention while taking photos as many applications are rejected due to mistakes made in this.

a). Do not use a photograph previously used to apply for this visa.

b). Old image cannot be used.

c). For this you can even use the picture taken on your phone as per the instructions given below.

d). Color photo, clear photo


e). 2″ × 2″ 300 pixels per inch digital photo to be within 1-1 1/3” inch (22 mm – 35 mm) of your headshot

f). Can’t wear glasses and hat

Hair should not be covered except for religious reasons

g). The shadow should not have fallen

h). You should not smile or stare at the picture

i). Can be worn with a casual shirt

j). Eyes should be open and not closed

You can see the wrongly/correctly taken pictures in this link


6. Unexpired passport is required to apply for applicant’s spouse and children Passports are not required at the time of application but are required later if selected.

7. You also need an email address that you check regularly

8. After submitting the application, take a print out of the confirmation page and you will need the confirmation number to check the status of the application online.

9. If you have wife and children you must give their details. They don’t need to have a passport while applying but you must have one. If you are married, you must include the details of your spouse. Children under the age of 21 should also be included. Otherwise it cannot be included later. Also want their recent photos.

10. Husband and wife may submit their applications separately. Both of them will be able to travel regardless of whose application is revealed in the lottery.

You have only 60 minutes to submit details online in one mode. If you don’t finish within 60 minutes, your details cannot be submitted and you have to start again. If you fill it in incorrectly and send it again, you will be rejected as ineligible for two applications.

So don’t play and apply responsibly. Confirmation number page will appear immediately after applying, take a print out of that page. If it does not arrive, it means your application is not received

Successful applicants in the lottery will be able to know whether their application has been selected or not through your confirmation number on the website from May 6, 2023. After May 6, 2023, the Department of State may post further shortlisted candidates on this website.

Don’t panic and fill the application properly. Don’t put off what you have to do for tomorrow and send it now without scratching your head when the browser is closed on the last day.

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