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Nawagaththegama Pradeshiya Sabha is a local government authority located in the Anuradhapura District of Sri Lanka. It is responsible for providing various services and facilities to the residents of the Nawagaththegama Divisional Secretariat division, which includes the town of Nawagaththegama and several surrounding villages.


The Nawagaththegama Pradeshiya Sabha is made up of a group of elected representatives, including a chairman and several members, who are responsible for making decisions about the development and administration of the area. The pradeshiya sabha provides services such as waste collection and disposal, maintenance of roads and public spaces, and provision of recreational facilities for the local community.

The pradeshiya sabha also works closely with other government agencies and organizations to provide various services and to carry out development projects in the area. Its main goal is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Nawagaththegama and to promote sustainable development in the region.

Applications are invited for the following job vacancies at Nawagaththegama Pradeshiya Sabha

  • Watcher
Closing Date: 2023-03-27
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