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gampaha cooperative hospital

Gampaha Cooperative Hospital On August 19, 1962, 65 people, including 40 members, gathered at the Government School on Courts Road to create the Gampaha Co-operative Hospital. Later, on September 29, 1962, it was registered with the N.462 prefix. Mr. A.N.D.A. Abeysinghe served as the society’s first chairman.

The hospital was relocated to No. 35 Queens Mary Road, and Mr. Vincent Subasinghe, chairman of Peoples Bank, officially opened it. The Gampaha Member of Parliament, Mr. S.D. Bandaranayake, delivered the inaugural speech at that time.


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Job Duties of a Computer Operator:

operates a computer to provide information.
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carries out specified tasks in accordance with outlined procedures.
using computer software to set up equipment for use.
Whenever necessary, makes the necessary adjustments to the documentation.
oversees and controls routine system tasks.
enters commands to begin operations.
Maintains operations by keeping an eye on error and stoppage messages, paying attention to the surrounding hardware, and making adjustments as needed.
distributes reports produced by batch jobs to end consumers.
maintains incident logs for all systems under observation.
handles user issues by responding to inquiries and requests.
ensures that the equipment is operating by carrying out the necessary preventative maintenance tasks, performing tests, and adhering to manufacturer’s guidelines.
investigates faults.
constantly monitors and responds to the processing schedule for IT operations.

Vacancies at the Gampaha Cooperative Hospital

  • Work Inspector Officer
  • Nurse
  • Nursing Officer
  • Drug Compounding Officer
  • Computer Operator
  • Office Assistant
  • Attendant
Closing Date: 2022-08-12
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