Meepawala Sanasa Bank (SDB) Job Vacancies

sanasa bank (SDB) job vacancies

Sanasa Bank (SDB) Job Vacancies

Sanasa Bank (SDB) Job Vacancies The stature of SDB bank today and its journey, therein, represent the culmination of the SANASA Federation’s efforts at championing microfinance and small-to-medium enterprise across Sri Lanka.

SDB bank’s earliest form was conceived in response to the need displayed by the SANASA Federation, for an alternative banking partner and primary credit institution to cater to the financial needs of its sizeable network of island-wide co-operative societies. After an extensive period of strategic planning by the SANASA Group of Companies, SDB bank was licensed and established in 1997.

The influence of its co-operative roots has been strong from the outset, and SDB bank has gone on to effect an unprecedented level of grass-roots economic development by stimulating SME and MSME growth countrywide. Their efforts in the area of female-oriented enterprise too have gained fruition, with increased participation of women in rural industry.


We’ve received numerous international accolades for our contributions toward rural economic development and financial inclusion. These include being recognized as the ‘2nd Best Microfinance Institution in the World – 2010’ from Mix Market Global USA, as well as the ‘Fastest Growing MSME Bank in Sri Lanka – 2018’ award from Global Banking & Finance Review (UK).

In 2017, SDB bank’s reach expanded considerably upon receiving a capital injection of USD 22 Million through a combined investment from three top-tier global organizations: the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO), and SBI Holdings.

SDB bank in the year 2019 has evolved into a modern, innovative bank that is widely recognized as one of the top corporate banks in the country. The acquisition of the digital payments app UPay by SDB bank in mid-2019 represents a continuation of its emphasis on innovation, providing both its urban and rural customers an array of mobile payment options, lifestyle conveniences, and POS services.

SDB bank continues to effect visible change at rural and grass-roots level, and consequently Sri Lanka’s socio-economic progress as a whole, by leveraging on its strong co-operative society heritage and its current network of 94 branches islandwide.

Applications are invited for the job vacancy at the Meepawala Sanasa Bank (SDB Bank) .

  • Bank Service Manager
Closing Date: 2022-08-10
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