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national cooperative council of sri lanka

National cooperative council of sri lanka A co-operative is a business that is owned by its customers (such as a consumer co-op or credit union), its employees (such as a worker co-op), or its residents (a housing co-operative). Different classes of membership in the co-bylaws op’s can be used by stakeholder groups who have a shared interest in the success of an enterprise to plan how they can collaborate (a multi-stakeholder co-op).

Our department is looking for a well-organized, creative lecturer to join it. The duties of a lecturer include creating lesson plans and curriculum, stimulating thought-provoking debates, going to conferences, seeking advice from other academics and professions, supervising graduate students, marking homework, and participating fully in university life. Be ready to put in long hours at work, go abroad, and broaden your network.


You need to show that you have excellent listening and communication abilities if you want to be a good lecturer. The best candidates can plan and deliver engaging courses and should be open to working with experts both inside and outside of their field.

Charges imposed against lecturers:

putting together and giving lectures, workshops, and seminars.
creating educational materials and curriculum that may be used on various platforms.
collaborating with lecturers and other academics to develop instructional strategies and knowledge bases.
Exams, tests, and assignments are set and graded.
conducting research and writing books, journal articles, papers, and proposals.
taking part in events both inside and beyond the institution, such as meetings and conferences.
taking part in the institution’s training programs and projects.
provide assistance to students and other coworkers.
reading much and creating published work in the topic to stay current.


Vacancy at national cooperative council of sri lanka

  • Lecturer
  • Designer
  • Management Assistant
Closing Date: 2022-08-13
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