Parliament of Sri Lanka Job Vacancies

Parliament of Sri Lanka Job

The Parliament of Sri Lanka job is the legislative body of the country responsible for making laws, approving budgets, and overseeing the government’s work. The job description of the Parliament of Sri Lanka includes the following:

Lawmaking: Members of Parliament are responsible for drafting, debating, and passing laws that impact the country’s citizens. They research, review, and propose changes to existing laws or propose new laws to address emerging issues.

Oversight: Parliament oversees the work of the government and ensures accountability. This includes monitoring government activities, scrutinizing the national budget, and examining government policies and decisions.


Representation: Members of Parliament are elected to represent the interests of their constituents. They listen to the concerns of their constituents and advocate for their interests in Parliament.

Committee work: Parliament has several committees that are responsible for specific areas of government activity, such as finance, public accounts, and public enterprises. Members of Parliament participate in committee work and contribute to the committees’ discussions and decisions.

Speaker and Deputy Speaker: The Speaker and Deputy Speaker manage parliamentary proceedings, maintain order, and ensure that parliamentary procedures are followed correctly.

Applications are invited for the following job vacancies at Parliment Sri lanka

  • Receptionist
  • Security Officer
  • Mason
  • Carpenter
  • Painter
  • Pipe Line Cleaner
  • Plumber
Closing Date: 2023-03-17
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