United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) Job Vacancies


UNOPS Job Vacancies

UNOPS Job Vacancies provides infrastructure, procurement and project management services for a more sustainable world.

We combine the best of the UN and the private sector to ensure that our partners’ peace and security, humanitarian, and development projects have the greatest possible positive impact. Equality, inclusivity, sustainability, and resilience serve as the cornerstones of our work.

UNOPS supports partners around the world, frequently in the most difficult settings, by building earthquake-resistant housing in Haiti and obtaining essential pharmaceuticals in Myanmar.

Examine how UNOPS assists in laying the groundwork for nations to achieve peace and sustainable development.

UNOPS is devoted to upholding UN values with an emphasis on implementation as an integral part of the UN. We assist our partners in bringing humanitarian, development, and peace and security solutions to some of the most difficult locations on earth.


While The capacity of UNOPS can be increased to help accomplish all of the Sustainable Development Goals; however, our priorities are always determined by the requirements of the partners, communities, and clients we work with.

Like sustainable development, organizational excellence is a journey, not a destination.

On this journey, knowledge and technology are continuously modified, and various interests, elements, and efforts join together to produce greater results.

Excellence fuels our passion. We think that constant improvement of our knowledge, abilities, and procedures yields the best outcomes for underserved populations.

We strive for excellence by being more than just a partner in implementation. Going above and above is about maximizing the benefits of our partners’ projects and providing better support for underserved populations. No matter if you’re a project manager, engineer,

or a procurement expert, our commitment to excellence extends to all personnel and is supported with certified training for all. An expert in procurement, our dedication to excellence extends to every member of the staff and is backed by accredited training for everyone.

Applications are invited for the  job vacancy at the United Nations Office for Project Services – UNOPS.

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Closing Date: 2022-07-25
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